What services do you offer?
  • Tam Valuation Services will make sure you are not overpaying on your property taxes.  
  • We do a FREE analysis of your property value based on market and income data.  
  • If we determine you are overpaying in property taxes, we will protest a timely appeal to pursue reduction upon your behalf.  
  • We are aggressive in our pursuits and are successful in reducing the majority of the appeals we file.  

What are your fees?
  • Our initial analysis of your property value is free of charge.  
  • If you wish for us to file an appeal upon your behalf, our fee is contingent upon our achievement of a tax reduction.  
  • Tam Valuation Services covers all fees associated with your protest, including filing fees, report fees, and attorney fees.  
  • Contact us for your individualized contingent fee contract.

How do I get started?
  • Call us at 303-699-4672
  • Email us at or

What information do I need to provide? (Some or all may apply)
  • Addresses of the properties to be reviewed
  • Signed approval on your behalf to pursue a reduction
  • A property tour
  • Income and Expense statements
  • Rent Rolls
  • Vacancy Rates
  • Copies of Leases
  • No information will be given to the county without your consent